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Autumn 2021

The second program of Future Hub took place from September to December 2021. Four Baltic market leaders joined the program together with eight European program. The second program welcomed the first Future Hub startup from the Baltics - Fusebox from Estonia as well as had two corporates returning for the second round with new sustainability challenges. The results of the program - six pilot projects - were presented at an online Demo Day.

Enterprises & their 

Citadele (1).png

#1 Sustainable lending and investment products

Financial products to trigger the mindset change on how to people and businesses invest, borrow and monitor footprint


#1 Flexibility of the power system

Flexibility instruments to orchestrate all possible flexibility sources

Rimi _ Liudvikas.png

Sustainable e-store packaging

Solution that minimizes usage of single-use packaging in the Rimi e-store


#2 ESG data monitoring & reporting

Solution to monitor and interpret the ESG data of bank's corporate customers

#2 Digitization of electricity production facilities

Solution to unify the collection of the routine data and its reporting process 

Processing of poor-quality data

Digital or AI solution, that would improve the processability of data of quality



Applied AI Solution Provider




Nonprofit offering access to carbon capture



Integrates consumers & energy systems to enable integration of renewables and reduce CO2

Industrial Analytics

Industrial analytics.png

Platform-agnostic machine monitoring solution for turbomachinery


Energy trading optimization platform 

Krafthem logo.png


Supplier of in reusable packaging and transport ecosystems 


Pilots and results

Citadele x Compensate

Tool showcasing and comparing Citadele leasing clients the environmental impact of cars

Rimi x Packoorang

Environmentally friendly alternative to single use packaging in Rimi e-store

Latvijas Pasts x Arinti

 AI solution showcasing and labeling data extracted from parcels carried by Latvijas Pasts

Latvenergo x Fusebox

Technical solution showing consumers how to contribute to electricity system security, and save in the meantime

Latvenergo x Industrial Analytics

App to ensure digital inspection walks, and to monitor the status of equipment in a power plant

Latvenergo x Krafthem

Pilot on testing capabilities to orchestrate flexibility from electric vehicle charging stations

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