Sustainability and innovation conference 

December 9
11 am – 3 pm EET


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Sustainability Meets Innovation

Future Forum brings together a community of changemakers to share the latest developments, ideas, and strategies in sustainability, GreenTech and open innovation.

The event gathers international and local experts to discuss how sustainability can and will affect business, hear the hottest GreenTech stories from all over the Europe, and to explore how to embrace innovation for a greener future.  

We invite you to be part of the movement to be inspired and inspire action. Future Forum is brought to you by Helve and inspired by open innovation accelerator Future Hub.





#1  Role of planet tech


Post-pandemic sustainability tech dominating the headlines

Panel discussion between

Jan-Jaap Verhoeve, Plan A; Natasha Jones, Octopus Ventures, and Miral Alaraj, Patch. 

Moderated by Marija Rucevska, Helve & TechChill

Pandemic lockdowns have come with both sides: good and bad. Looking at the environmental impact, the data looks positive. While some businesses have been struggling to stay afloat, GreenTech solutions have become the hot catalysts of the moment dominating the local and international headlines. In this discussion, we will hear stories from the trenches from PlanetTech startups and sustainability-as-a-service companies. How did they get here and what advice others to follow?


Spotlight on eMobility: Story of Comodule

Success Story by Kadri Rehkli, COO & CFO at Comodule

Comodule was born and set out to be the nr.1 IoT and connectivity provider for e-bike companies. Four years later, Comodule provides IoT solutions for all light electric vehicles, including e-scooters and e-bikes.


Spotlight on Net Zero: Story of Single Earth

Success story by Merit Valdsalu, CEO & Co-founder of Single Earth

Single.Earth is a DeepTech startup that helps businesses and organizations to make a real impact on the climate and nature by making climate action part of the business processes. The team aims to make sustainable forest and land-management the new norm.

#2  Innovation road to net zero


Scaleway's Road to Net Zero

Keynote by Audrey Pedro, CPO at Scaleway

As climate change and energy transition drive fundamental shifts in technology, investments, and regulatory policies, it might be that innovation has never played a more important role. There has to be rapid and sustainable growth for navigating the energy transition and achieving Net Zero. Innovation is that critical tool that can to be used to reach this goal.


Executives driving change with greentech innovation

Panel discussion between Zanda Sadre, Rimi Baltic; Kaspars Cikmacs, Latvenergo, and Audrey Pedro, CPO at Scaleway. Moderated by Tarmo Virki, Single.Earth

There is no doubt that sustainability is a hot topic in most boardrooms these days. Big corporates must become flexible to changes and open to adopting new technology. They also have the chance and burden to lead by example. In this discussion, we will hear different stories and perspectives from 4 executives with real-life examples, challenges, and opinions on GreenTech innovation.


Partnerships in focus: Collaborate or die?

Panel discussion between Vladislavs Mironovs, Citadele Bank; Nina Heir,  Katapult Accelerator & Katapult Climate,

and Raitis Sturmanis, Latvijas Pasts.

Moderated by Dana Gamburg, Vertical

Quoting Frank Zappa, “The mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it’s not open.” The same goes for partnerships. There is open innovation out there. We must embrace it and collaborate for the benefit of all. Acting together, there is hope in reducing the climate crisis. Yet, it might be more difficult than one can think. Some also think it's more expensive. We'll hear from both startups and corporates that have gone through the collaboration process and ask the tough question - was it worth it?

#3  State of green


Driving capital towards impact

Keynote by Karin Nemec, CEO & Co-founder at Grünfin

How much difference can your money make in the world? It turns out, more than we think, even without millions to spare. Studies in the UK and Sweden have shown that shifting savings to sustainable assets can have a more than 20x impact on consumers’ carbon footprint than giving up flying, becoming a vegetarian, and moving to a renewable energy provider combined. This makes “greening our finances” an often-neglected but hugely important part of lowering our carbon footprint. How can regular consumers access this kind of impact? What are the barriers and the solutions? Karin Nemec, CEO of Grünfin and a sustainable investing expert, offers her insights.


The Green Deal: Fad or Future?

Panel discussion. 

Moderated by Liva Perkone, Helve.

The Green Deal. Everyone has heard of it, some have more understanding than less, same with the hope of its potential. We will welcome representatives of local and state governments to discuss their plans, achievements, and road blockers towards a climate-neutral future. Accountability, of course an important component when talking about sustainability, will be at the back of our moderator's mind the whole discussion. 


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Rimi Baltic
Sustainability Awards

After exciting and insightful content on sustainability and innovation, we invite you to the awards ceremony of Rimi Baltic Sustainability Awards to find out the front-runners in these fields in the Baltics!

Rimi Baltic Sustainability Awards celebrate the innovators, changemakers, and leaders in sustainability. At the end of Future Forum, we will award and congratulate the brightest minds and leading-edge achievements in sustainability innovation from all over the Baltics.

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