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Sustainability and open innovation pop-up conference 

May 11, Online

3–6 PM EET 

Event is free of charge, registration mandatory


Sustainability Meets Open Innovation

Future Forum brings together a community of changemakers to share the latest developments, ideas, and strategies in sustainability and open innovation. 

The event gathers international and local experts with a proven track record to discuss how sustainability can and will affect business and to explore how to embrace the green change to succeed.  

We invite you to be part of the movement to be inspired and inspire action. Future Forum is brought to you by Helve as part of the open innovation accelerator Future Hub.

 Agenda   May 11


Anna Marija Kiesnere, Business Development & Partner Relations Lead at Helve and Davis Kurens, Startup co-creation space Manager at Swedbank Latvia

The Rising Importance of Sustainability in Business

Keynote by Lubomila Jordanova, CEO and Co-founder at Plan A

Lubomila is founder & CEO of Plan A. The end-to-end Plan A platform lets companies measure, monitor and reduce their environmental footprint and improve their ESG performance. PlanA.Earth empowers enterprises to manage their company sustainably by transforming environmental insights into positive business results.

Sustainability Transformation. Global Trends to Watch Out For in 2021

Panel discussion between Lubomila Jordanova, CEO and Co-founder at Plan A, Adriana Kaulina, Sustainability Officer at Swedbank Latvia, Inese Andersone, Chair of the City Development Committee at Riga City Council, and  Martins Zemitis, Economic Advisor at European Commission
Moderated by Cecile Bussy, Social Media Journalist at Sifted

Sustainability should be at the core of all business strategies. The crushing evidence, commercial momentum, and declining risk all point to it. However, the decision-makers are resisting and struggling to act. Will 2021 will be the year or real change? We'll discuss the overall trends we see in banking, cities, and businesses and see how GreenTech startups lead the way forward.

How and Where Sustainability Drives Innovation?

Fireside chat between Jeremy Kagan, Professor at Columbia, Cornell, NYU; Strategy Consultant; Author, "Designing the Successful Corporate Accelerator" and Liva Perkone, Co-founder and Managing Partner at Helve

Building Sustainable Brands and Shaping Consumer Habits 

Panel discussion between Lineta Miksa, Chief Communication Officer at Orkla Latvija, Michael Haase, CEO at Plant Jammer, and Liudvikas Aleliunas, Corporate Responsibility Manager at Rimi Baltic Group, and Paula Pärnaste, Head of Brand and Marketing at Woola
Moderated by Mikelis Bastiks, Partner and Designer at Asketic

Today's modern customer is actively hunting down sustainable products, and brands are adjusting as they can. However, the customer faces a hefty challenge to determine what's actually sustainable, eco-friendly, carbon neutral. While companies face different challenges - how to avoid greenwashing, tackle issues relevant to both customer and business is on the agenda for many today. Yet, startups with their mission rooted in sustainability can help. We'll discuss the movement towards sustainable brands, the challenges it delivers for both brands and consumers, and how GreenTech startups might be a solution for both.

ESG Impact on Innovation: Sustainability Role for Financial Institutions

Keynote by Fredrik Nilzen, Head of Group Sustainability at Swedbank  

In his speech, Fredrik will explore the role of sustainability for financial institutions, its importance, the societal transition, and how ESG impacts innovation, risks, and opportunities.
Fredrik is an experienced sustainability director with a demonstrated history of working as a consultant across industries, sectors, and markets in the intersection between digital, sustainability, and business strategy. 

The Junction of Sustainability, Innovation and Business Growth

Panel discussion between Dr. Johanna Braun, Innovation, Venture and  Sustainability Consultant, Kaspars Cikmacs, Member of Management Board at Latvenergo, and Mads Emil Dalsgaard, Co-Founder at
Moderated by Ana Vazquez Romero, Venture and Innovation Associate at TNW

Sustainability is the innovation challenge of our times. With digitalization left in the shadows, the next wave for innovation, and perhaps the most important, is innovation as the path to sustainable business. We will discuss what roles innovation plays in businesses' sustainability agenda, explore various open innovation models for sustainability goals, and hear stories from the trenches from those working towards those goals with both enterprises and startups.




Lubomila Jordanova

CEO and Co-founder at Plan A

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Dr. Johanna Braun

Innovation, Venture and  Sustainability Consultant


Liva Perkone

Co-founder and Managing Partner at Helve

Artboard 2@2x.png

Kaspars Cikmacs

Member of Management Board, Director of Technology and Support

latvenergo small.png

Liudvikas Aleliunas

Corporate Responsibility Manager at Rimi Baltic Group

Artboard 7@2x.png

Martins Zemitis

Economic Advisor at European Commission


Jeremy Kagan

Professor at Columbia, Cornell, NYU;

Strategy Consultant;

Author, “Designing the Successful Corporate Accelerator” 


Michael Haase

CEO and Founder at Plant Jammer

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Cecile Bussy

Social Media Journalist at Sifted

Artboard 1@2x.png

Mikelis Bastiks

Partner and Designer at Asketic

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Lineta Miksa

Chief Communication Officer at Orkla Latvia

orkla small.png

Ana Vazquez Romero

Venture and Innovation Associate at TNW

tnw small.png

Fredrik Nilzen

Head of Group Sustainability at Swedbank

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Adriana Kaulina

Sustainability Officer at Swedbank Latvia

Artboard 5@2x.png

Inese Andersone

Chair of the City Development Committee at Riga City Council

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Anna Marija Kiesnere

Business Devlopment & Parner Relations Lead at Helve

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Paula Pärnaste

Head of Brand and Marketing at Woola


Mads Emil Dalsgaard

Co-Founder and CCO at

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A POP-UP Conference?

In the era of online events, we invite you to Future Forum - the pop-up conference. We have chosen a swift three-hour format to ensure you gain the most out of the experience without spending a whole day jumping from one discus to another. 


Future Forum focuses on three main topics: each delivers a keynote by an internationally recognized speaker, followed by a more detailed discussion between local and international speakers to ensure relevance.


Inspirational yet effective, captivating yet educating. Welcome to Future Forum!

 Watch  Future Forum

May 11

3-6pm EET / 2-5pm CET


Free of charge

The event will be streamed on Facebook and Delfi, register to get a link for the live stream, and to receive a resource package post-event that includes three additional recorded Future Hub workshops on sustainability and open innovation