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Future Forum - let's discuss the latest trends in sustainability & innovation

We are excited to invite you to the second sustainability and innovation online conference Future Forum, brought to you by Helve and Citadele Bank. The conference is taking place on December 9 (online and free of charge!). Future Forum brings together a community of changemakers to share the latest developments, ideas, and strategies in sustainability, GreenTech, and open innovation.

When: December 9, 11-3 pm CET

Where: Live on Facebook

Agenda: Full agenda and speakers can be found here

Register? Yes, here!

The event will be streamed on Facebook, register to receive extra content (3 workshops from Future hub) post-event

What's on the agenda?

The event gathers international and local experts to discuss how sustainability can and will affect business, hear the hottest GreenTech stories from all over Europe, and explore how to embrace innovation for a greener future. The main focus on this year’s Future Forum will be on ⚡️ Role of PlanetTech, 🌎 Innovation Road to Net Zero, and 🔜 State of Green.

#1 Role of Planet Tech

Pandemic lockdowns have come with both sides: good and bad. Looking at the environmental impact, the data looks positive. While some businesses have been struggling to stay afloat, GreenTech solutions have become the hot catalysts of the moment dominating the local and international headlines. During the Role of Planet Tech topic, let’s discuss the sustainability changes brought by the pandemic and the potential of green technology startups to implement environmentally friendly solutions. Several leaders of Europe's leading GreenTech startups will share their success stories, including Merit Vadsalu, CEO of the Estonian startup Single Earth, will help us to get on top of it!

#2 Innovation Road to Net Zero

As climate change and energy transition drive fundamental shifts in technology, investments, and regulatory policies, it might be that innovation has never played a more important role. There has to be rapid and sustainable growth for navigating the energy transition and achieving Net Zero. Innovation is that critical tool that can to be used to reach this goal.

There is no doubt that sustainability is a hot topic in most boardrooms these days. Big corporates must become flexible to changes and open to adopting new technology. They also have the chance and burden to lead by example. We will look at how big is the role of innovation in achieving carbon neutrality. Experts like Zanda Šadre, Head of Corporate Communications at Rimi, and Kaspars Cikmačs, Member of the Board of Latvenergo, will share their experience with the implemented green technology innovations. However, Raitis Stūrmanis, the technical project manager of Latvijas Pasts, and Vladislavs Mironovs, a member of the Board of Citadele, together with international experts, will critically evaluate various open innovation models, including cooperation with startups.

#3 State of Green

How to promote sustainable investments in crucial ideas? GreenTech teams have the ideas, science, and technology, yet money is missing to accelerate growth and ensure large-scale impact. Our keynote speaker with welcome us backstage of the investment world and explore the slow shift towards more sustainable investing, and consider potential drivers of more rapid investment growth.

And then we have The Green Deal. Everyone has heard of it, some have more understanding than less, same with the hope of its potential. We will welcome representatives of local and state governments to discuss their plans, achievements, and road blockers towards a climate-neutral future. Accountability, of course, an important component when talking about sustainability, will be at the back of our moderator's mind the whole discussion.

All you need to do is REGISTER!

Remember to register for the Future Forum to receive a live stream link and a resource package post-event that includes three additional recorded Future Hub workshops on sustainability and open innovation.


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