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Let's welcome Citadele Bank- co-hosts of Future Hub 2nd program!

During the second Future Hub accelerator program, from September to December 2021, startups will be given the opportunity to work on current sustainability challenges with market-leading enterprises. Yet, in addition to the Startup x Enterprise co-creation sessions, the second accelerator program also aims to encourage cooperation between market-leading companies to further innovation towards more sustainable business practices. To ensure the success of the new goal and format, Citadele bank has joined accelerator founder Helve as the second accelerator program co-host.

New co-creation format introduced in the program

"Co-creation and other open innovation processes are a powerful tool for business development, yet to successfully innovate in the sustainability area takes more than a single company or even an industry. Therefore, cross-industry collaboration to create a sustainable business environment and the world around us is a logical next step. During the first program of Future Hub, we observed an ambition to learn from each other and collaborate among the enterprises working with startups. Having Citadele team as our co-hosts has allowed us to incorporate new co-creation possibilities into the accelerator program. We will start the second program with a new goal - to enable co-creation not only between startups and enterprises but also between the market leaders themselves," reveals Marija Rucevska, Co-founder and General Partner at Helve.
Vladislavs Mironovs (Citadele), Marija Rucevska & Anna Kiesnere (Helve), Martins Berzins (Citadele)

Citadele bank joins Future Hub's second program as one of the enterprises that will co-create with startups as well as the co-hosts of the program. By participating, Citadele aims to challenge the way enterprises view sustainability and guide the business community to pursue sustainability as a common goal for all. As part of the accelerator, Citadele will encourage co-creation with other enterprises through successfully proven innovation processes within the bank and by sharing experience, knowledge, and data.

"With great hopes and contentment, we are joining forces with Helve and other industry players. By joining this dynamic accelerator, which connects European-level startups with Baltic enterprises, our goal is to create practical tools for tackling sustainability challenges for the Baltic business sector. It is clear that only by bringing together large enterprises, ambitious startups, and experienced experts can we find the best solutions and develop sustainability innovations. We at Citadele are ready to dedicate our time, resources, and expertise to develop cross-industry innovations in the sustainability area," shares Vladislavs Mironovs, Chief Strategy & Business Development Officer, Member of the Management Board at Citadele bank.

Co-create with Citadele

Future Hub new co-host are also looking for startups to co-create with during the second program of Future Hub. The challenges that Citadele Bank has set for startups are (in addition to the other 5 challenges we have set from other Baltic enterprises):

#1 Sustainable lending and investment products

Citadele is looking for teams eager to co-create various industry and activity-specific financial products to trigger the mindset change for bank’s customers on how people and businesses shall invest, borrow and monitor footprint. The team at Citadele is open to potential solutions across various industries and services.

#2 ESG data monitoring & reporting

Citadele is looking for a startup team with an easily implementable solution that would enable the bank to monitor and interpret the ESG data of its corporate customers ​and share these data with the corporate clients minimize footprint, and drive customers towards a more sustainable lifestyle and business practices.

Time to apply is NOW!

If these challenges sound like a match for your solution (again, in total we have 7 challenges, check them out!), there is no more time to waste as we are currently looking for teams for our 2nd program! Future Hub invites B2B, B2C, and B2B2C startups that operate in either Food and AgroTech, Mobility, Energy and Smart Cities, Supply Chain, and Logistics, or Sustainable Business and Circular Economy to apply for the program by September 6. Teams can also apply to particular challenges. APPLY HERE!


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