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Meet the 3rd Future Hub Program Participants!

We are pleased to announce that the third co-creation program of Future Hub is not only here, but also going full speed ahead. This time we saw a great interest in participation from local Baltic and Nordic startups. Thus, you'll see many locals also among the participating startup list. Read more about the third program and its participants below. Exciting times ahead!

This year, compared to previous programs where Central European startups dominated the applications, the latest program saw a growing interest from local Baltic and Nordic startups, composing almost a third of all applications received for the programme.

"We are excited to see Future Hub gaining a foothold in the Baltic market, which is evident by the growing interest from local startups this year. A few years ago market leaders were cautious about open innovations and co-creation with startups. This forced local startups to go for similar programs outside the region. But it seems that the previous programs' successes have refocused startup interest back to their own local market which only improves the quality of applications and competition. And we see a similar pattern also in other open innovation projects that we are currently working on," says Marija Ručevska, Managing Partner at Helve.

Startups selected for the 3rd program

As a part of the third program, Swedish startup Nudgd and Spanish startup Robin Data Hood will be working together with Rimi Baltic on their challenge to find a solution to promote fruit and vegetable consumption in the Baltics. Within the program they are looking for engaging gamification solutions that could help to improve the well-being of Rimi shoppers.

Electricity distribution system operator Sadales tīkls, however, together with Latvian startup AdvanGrid, Swedish startup Blixt, and Lithuanian startup Inion will be focusing on solutions to secure the stability of the grid. They aim to create a fail-safe mechanism for green electricity generation export limiting scheme.

During the programme, in addition to the co-creation process, startups will also participate in individual mentoring and open experience sharing sessions to facilitate successful partnerships between startups and companies. Stay tuned, we are sure there will be interesting co-creation results to share with you in a while.


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