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Startups of Future Hub: Meet Fusebox

Fusebox – The Virtual Power Plant Platform

Fusebox is an Estonian-based startup that integrates consumers and energy systems to enable better integration of renewables and reduce CO2. In this way, customers contribute to a greener society and earn revenue without interrupting their core business. The company’s clients are medium-sized and large production, industrial, property management, and retail companies.

The team is using the inertia of the building’s electricity consumption and industrial processes in order to provide flexibility for balancing supply and demand in the electricity grids. Fusebox is an efficient flexibility trading platform that unlocks the vast potential of flexibility throughout the energy system and helps to grow the client’s environmental handprint globally.

Worth your attention!

The fusebox team has a long list of great achievements. We selected some of them to share with you and let you get as impressed as we did:

  • Recently, the Fusebox team was selected as a TOP 50 Nordic Impact Company for 2021.

  • Fusebox was the winner of the MindSphere Future World Series x Expo 2020 Dubai and received the Siemens award.

  • The team started a cooperation project with the Kenyan Ministry of Energy at the beginning of this year with the aim to strengthen the reliability of the Kenyan electricity grid and lower CO2 emissions.

  • Early this year, Fusebox was selected as one of the top 100 energy and mobility start-ups of 2021 by Start-Up Energy Transition (SET).

  • The startup has successfully raised a total of €2.2M funding from the German VC Fly Ventures (leading investor) and Estonian angel investors.

  • Fusebox was also a winner in the Tallinnovation competition in early 2021.

Fusebox in Future Hub

"We have chosen the Estonian startup Fusebox because their solution matches the challenge we put forward for the autumn program of Future Hub accelerator. Fusebox solution has already achieved a high TRL (technology readiness level)and is on the market. The company has references to some new projects in the Baltics and aims to become the leading supplier of flexibility platforms in Europe. Latvenergo and Fusebox do not plan to compete in this market segment but instead plan to cooperate in improving the platform," shares Olegs Linkevics, Head of Development, R&D department at Latvenergo.

The Fusebox team is working together with Latvenergo on a pilot solution that touches one of Latvenergo’s proposed challenges for the Future Hub program – the flexibility of the power system. Make sure you save December 16 on your calendars - Future Hub Demo Day takes place and you can find out more about the results of this pilot and collaboration.


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