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Startups of Future Hub: Meet Packoorang

Packoorang - Circular Packaging as a Service

Packoorang is a fast-growing, government-backed startup from Oslo, Norway. The whole concept is based on reusable packaging and return system for ecommerce and internal product flow.

Around 50% of all global waste comes from packaging, hence why Packoorang’s team has set as goal to significantly reduce the environmental impact of goods transportation by replacing single-use packaging with more financially and environmentally sustainable solutions.

The product is a weather proof, padded, flexible, lightweight and secure bag which not only protects its content better, but it's also faster and more flexible to pack and can be reused at least 50-100 times. Also, its innovative tracking-and-return system features IoT and Blockchain technology, it is infinitely scalable and works with any type of packaging for any size and type of product.

Worth your attention:

In terms of achievements, Packoorang is enjoying the success, having in its portfolio a diverse number of things to be celebrated and be proud of:

  • In 2019, Packoorang was accepted to the innovation incubator Kjeller Innovation, part of the Government innovation branch SIVA, Norway.

  • In 2020, Packoorang won two grants from the Norwegian Government.

  • The Packoorang team was the selected tender winner to work on reusable packing solutions with the Austrian Post.

  • Packoorang has secured partnerships with global retailers such as DHL, Royal Mail, DPD, FedEx etc.

Packoorang in Future Hub:

"When choosing Packoorang, we drew attention to their experience and approach to the challenge. It is these things that persuade us to continue cooperating with Packoorang. After the first weeks we are satisfied with the progress that has been made, we are in perfect communication with the start-up team and we feel that they are professionals in their field," shares Liudvikas Aleliunas, Corporate Responsibility Manager at Rimi Baltic Group.

Packoorang teamed up with Rimi Baltic Group and together, they are working on tackling the challenge presented by Rimi - Sustainable e-store packaging - by providing an environmentally friendly solution (bag) that minimizes the single-use packaging in Rimi e-stores. In order to find out more about their collaboration and the pilot they are creating together, make sure to free your calendar for December 16th when the Demo Day is taking place.


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