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The results from the first Future Hub program: Launching pilots and more!

What a program! What a Demo Day! What a SUCCESS! 🤯 Future Hub accelerator has concluded its first program, Demo Day has been celebrated online and 9 out of 10 collaborations are going further after Future Hub with the first two pilots going live this summer. AND we are coming back with the second program in Autumn, 2021! 👇

Demo Day: Celebration of Co-Creation

After 12 weeks of co-creation tackling the sustainability challenges brought to the program by Baltic market-leading enterprises startups and enterprise, teams got to take the virtual Future Hub Demo Day stage and present their results to the European startup and GreenTech scene.

On May 19, Future Hub Demo Day offered 10 differents, exciting and inspirational stories of co-creation to both the TechChill 2021 audience and anyone else interested in total bringing together over 1400 people across Europe. The end of Future Hub's first program was a celebration at Demo Day and can still be viewed online here.

Collaboration Results and Next Steps

Future Hub officially kicked off in early March when five brave Baltic market-leading enterprises - Swedbank Latvia, Latvenergo, Rimi Baltic Group, Orkla Latvija, and Riga City Council - started their collaboration journeys with carefully selected ten top European GreenTech startups - Everimpact, Ecomate, Parking Energy, AgeVolt, MClimate, Linc, Miils, Eachthing, Plant Jammer, and Food 4 All. Ten weeks and 322 co-creation sessions later the program ended at the Demo Day. Now, 9 collaborations continue the course started in the program, of which two are launching their pilots already this summer.

🍳 Rimi x Plant Jammer

The first pilot of the program! PlantJammer, an AI recipe tool, created one line of code to implement it into Rimi's webpage, in Estonian language, and help Rimi reduce food waste at customer's homes by providing the user recipes based on products she enters on Rimi website. The pilot will be launched in June in the Estonian market.

🍏 Rimi x Food4All

F4A app will be introduced as a pilot in Rimi Estonia in Autumn or late summer - an intelligent waste calculator that will show Rimi exactly where food waste is originating, while also identifying PRECISELY how it can be prevented in the future.

📈 Rīgas namu pārvaldnieks x Linc

LINC validated their solution by installing LINC hardware devices in two RNP addresses to see the real-time monitoring results and spectral analysis of the water heating and cooling equipment in those buildings. Both parties are planning to launch the pilot in Riga in Autumn when the heating season restarts.

🔎 Orkla x Eachthing

Eachthing has created a demo version for web browser add-on to analyze Orkla's products nutrition value and suggest best choices among one of the Orkla's product groups on the Orkla webpage. Next up - the final decision and moving on to the next phase of sealing the pilot partnership.

🔋 Latvenergo x AgeVolt

AgeVolt has presented a demonstration where 4 different scenarios for implementing AgeVolt's EV charging digital ecosystem into Latvenergo's ecosystem were presented. There are still some aspects to solve, but Latvenergo sees strong potential for conducting the pilot and is continuing the discussion.

🚗 Latvenergo x Parking Energy

During the program, Parking Energy created a solution and offer built on their current product portfolio and experiences from Finland, Parking Energy has worked on the further technical development of charge points, and there are still some points that need to be looked at, but Latvenergo is potentially looking into the cities to start implementing this infrastructure challenge.

🌾 Swedbank x Everimpact

Everimpact has technically validated their solution of measuring the GhG emissions of the parcel of land in Latvia. The next step is to present the solution to a wider audience at Swedbank Group and decide about further collaboration.

💡 Swedbank x Ecomate

During the program, Ecomate created an algorithm that would work with publicly available data, by aggregating as many sources as possible to obtain the necessary data. Ecomate provided the results from few data sources and presented the solution to the wider audience of Swedbank's stakeholders.

Future Hub first program members at Kick-off event on March 8

Future Hub 2nd Program Coming Autumn 2021

The last three months have been an extraordinary learning period for all program participants. The biggest motivation for startups to join the program was the opportunity to enter the Baltic market. The time in the program has provided a unique opportunity to explore this market by cooperating with leading companies operating here. However, the enterprises themselves had a chance to delve into the startup solutions and the latest technologies in their industry, and the Future Hub program was an opportunity to identify the potential development directions. Now, we are ready to do the same for other enterprises and startups! Future Hub is coming back in Autumn 2021 with the 2nd co-creation program accepting Baltic enterprises and sustainability startups. Join the second program of Future Hub already now!


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