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Spring 2021

The first program of Future Hub took place from March to May 2021. Over 160 startups from over 40 countries worldwide showed interest in the accelerator, yet the most suitable 10 were selected. Bringing together five Baltic corporates and these ten European GreenTechs, the first program marked Future Hub as the first open innovation sustainability accelerator in the Baltics. The results of the program - nine pilot projects - were presented at an online Demo Day during TechChill 2021 conference. 

Enterprises & their 

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ESG analysis and monitoring

​Solutions to analyze and monitor the company's ESG-performance, preferably on an automated basis for small and medium-sized companies

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Food waste elimination

Food waste solution with a focus on one of the supply chain parts (e.g. RIMI’s warehouses, RIMI’s stores, households)


Electric vehicle charging

Easy-to-operate and efficient solutions for car charging at multiple apartment housing neighborhoods


Energy efficiency for multi-apartment buildings

An energy efficiency roadmap tool for multiple-apartment buildings


Digital tool for sustainable grocery shopping 

Consumer-oriented solution for making informed grocery shopping decisions


 Parking Enery  (Finland)

Large scale EV charging solutions for real estate

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E-nnovative EV charging digital ecosystem for EV users and charger owners


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Healthy and sustainable food recommendation and online shopping solution


The ESG Rating platform for every company

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Environmental monitoring software solution for cities and companies



A digital home for all things to empower conscious consumers

Eachthing-grey-on-transparent-vertical (

 Plant Jammer 

Recipe AI to help people cook sustainable and inspire to reduce food waste

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Food 4 All​

F4A is a service company aiming to reduce food waste on a supermarket level

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Spectral analytics and power line communications for building digitization

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Pilots and results

Swedbank x Everimpact

Everimpact technically validated the solution of measuring the GhG emissions of parcel of land in Latvia.

Swedbank x Ecomate

Created algorithm that would work with publicly available data, by aggregating as many sources as possible to obtain the necessary data.

Rimi x Plant Jammer

Created a one line of code to implement it into Rimi's webpage that has resulted in launched Empty your fridge tool in all Baltic countries.

Rimi x Food4All

Developed and app - intelligent waste calculator that shows Rimi exactly where food waste is originating, while also identifying how it can be prevented. To be launched in Rimi Estonia in February 2022.

Orkla x Eachthing

Demo version for web browser add-on to analyse Orkla's products nutrition value and suggest
best choices among one of the Orkla's products on the Orkla webpage. 

Riga City Council x Linc

Validated the solution by installing LINC hardware device in two RNP addresses to see the real-time monitoring results and spectral analysis of the water heating and cooling equipment in those buildings

Latvenergo x Parking Energy

Parking Energy gained insights about the neighborhood charging specifics in Riga and created a solution built on their current product portfolio and experiences from Finland

Latvenergo x AgeVolt

AgeVolt presented a demonstration where tested 4 different scenarios for implementing AgeVolt's EV charging digital ecosystem into Latvenergo's ecosystem

 Success  story

Rimi x Plant Jammer AI chef serving customers all over the Baltics

Rimi and Plant Jammer collaboration resulted in the first Future Hub pilot growing into a real solution reaching Rimi customers in all Baltic states. “Empty your fridge” is a tool created during Future Hub's first program by Plant Jammer and Rimi, now launched in Rimi websites for Latvian, Estonian and Lithuanian customers. It  allows the user to mark what products or leftovers they have available and from these, the virtual chef suggests recipes that include the selected ingredients. It's users can choose from an almost endless range of recipes such as stews, soups, pizzas, pasta dishes, salads, tacos, risottos, pies, casseroles and many more, to suit all tastes, including vegans and vegetarians.