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Future Hub Climate

the boost you need to kickstart your Climate Tech startup

Future Hub Climate


Future Hub Climate by Helve connects early-stage Baltic Climate Tech startups with established enterprises to be your testing partners and help you to further validate your product's readiness for the market.

The teams will undergo a 10-week-long individually tailored program before presenting their product testing results to investors at the Baltic Sustainability Awards 2023.

You will also gain access to the traditional pre-accelerator mumbo jumbo, but that's not the focus here.

Meet participants

AlgaePhos4x (Latvia), which has developed a microalgae-based wastewater treatment which involves manipulated biomass for rapid phosphorus removal from wastewater and its recovery. The produced algal biomass has various applications and downstream processing possibilities, including in agriculture. During the program the startup together with partners Cēsu alus and Malduguns will test their solution on wastewater produced in the brewing industry.

Screenshot 2023-11-02 at 12.26.42.png

Bruntor (Latvia) – makers of an electric four-wheeled cargo scooter, which is simple and easy to use and has already won the EIT Jumpstarter competition. The stand-up solution makes deliveries 15% quicker than with e-cargo bikes and 40% faster than a van in the city while consuming 5 times less energy. Together with Pauls Stradiņš Clinical University Hospital the startup will test the scooter’s suitability for use on hospital campuses to solve internal logistical issues. The startup will also collaborate with Omniva to confirm the vehicle’s capabilities in last-mile deliveries.

Screenshot 2023-11-02 at 12.27.07.png

Chum Tableware (Latvia) – producers of an alternative to single-use plastic plates made from food-safe and environmentally friendly materials, such as oats and quinoa. After use, the plates can either be consumed as food or composted. With the help of Rimi Baltic, the startup will attempt to move closer to larger scale production capabilities and meeting the quality requirements needed to start selling the product in supermarkets.

Screenshot 2023-11-02 at 12.27.22.png

Peak Save (Latvia), which has developed smart sensors and an approach that intelligently shifts energy consumption patterns to the most cost-effective hours, resulting in significant cost savings for the consumer and reduced strain on the grid during peak demand periods. In collaboration with Tet, the startup plans to improve its algorithm and to gain additional experience in broad system optimisation.

Screenshot 2023-11-02 at 12.27.35.png

SUBmerge Baltic (Latvia), which has developed an underwater drone which uses adapted lights and software to increase visibility in the Baltic Sea region. The drone can be used for monitoring underwater infrastructure and obtaining information and samples of underwater ecosystems along with other use cases. In close collaboration with BIOR and the Port of Ventspils, the startup will test new use cases for the drone and attempt to increase its capabilities.

Screenshot 2023-11-02 at 12.27.52.png

Smart Agrometer (Lithuania), which has developed a sensor and system that determine the limiting nutrient in growing crop plants using a spectrophotometer, machine learning algorithm and an agronomy portal. The information obtained can be used to make smart decisions regarding fertilisation, limiting the wasteful application of fertilisers while increasing the yield. In cooperation with Very Berry, the startup will try to expand the area of application from cultivation of grain to pomiculture.

Screenshot 2023-11-02 at 12.28.29.png

Biohifas (Lithuania), which is experimenting with solid state fermentation using food grade sidestreams of food/beverage industry and mycelium. The result of the process is a biomass, which can be processed into nutritious, clean label, and affordable food. The startup together with partners Cēsu alus and Malduguns will test how the cultivation process is affected by brewer’s spent grain (BSG) of various compositions.

Testing partners

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Screenshot 2023-11-02 at 12.27.27.png

Meet program mentors

  • LinkedIn

Co-founder of TerraWaste, Sustainability Expert

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Business Builder, Advisor, Angel Investor, Carbon Drawdown Believer

  • LinkedIn

CEO of eAgronom

  • LinkedIn

CEO & Co-founder of CENOS

  • LinkedIn

Co-founder & Managing Partner, Imprimatur Capital Fund Management

  • LinkedIn

Founder of HeavyFinance

Helery Pops-2.jpg
  • LinkedIn

Co-founder of Honey Badger Capital

  • LinkedIn

VC Investor and ex-MD at Startup Wise Guys

Dr. Johanna Braun.jpg
  • LinkedIn

Innovation, Venture and Sustainability Advisor

What to expect?

Mentoring & workshops

Custom-tailored mentoring and workshops based on every participant’s needs. We help you find the right people at the right time

Publicity & comms support

Communication activities focusing on the program participants. We help you get on A level on your pitch game to land Baltic and international audience

Match with corporation

Test your solution and gather real-world data to further tailor and develop your product. We help you land a PoC with industry leaders based on your needs

Prototype financing

Begin or continue to work on your prototype. We help you by providing up to 5k to finance the creation of your prototype

Investor access & meetings

Fully prepare your team, product and pitch for meetings with investors. We will help you meet with the most relevant investors during our Demo Day at the Baltic Sustainability Awards

Trust the innovation experts to guide you

This program is part of the Future Hub identity, developed by Helve, that has gathered large amounts of experience with similar projects. We have worked facilitated collaborations between startups and corporations for many years and have a great track record of successful project outcomes.



Understand the market needs and your value proposition


Research competitors and create profitable business models


Get expert help and up to EUR 5,000 to create a prototype


Test your prototype with the collaborating enterprise and gather data

Demo and Investor Day

Showcase your progress, talk to investors and get feedback from potential clients

Program kick-off

September 25

Baltic Sustainability Awards

December 7

*We personalise the timeline for each participant. If you’re done with one - move on and spend time on what really matters

Future Hub Climate is supported by

Meet The Team

  • LinkedIn

Program Director, Head of Startup Programs at Helve

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Partner & Co-founder of Helve and Venture Partner at Practica Capital

Dāvis Benefelds_edited_edited_edited.jpg
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Startup Scout & Community Manager, Business Analyst at Helve

Community partners
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