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How Can Retailer & Startup Collaboration Help to Promote Healthy Product Segments?

For the third time already, Rimi Baltic is participating in the Future Hub program to connect with aspiring startups for a co-creation process. This year, Rimi sought partners that would help them to develop innovative digital solutions to increase fruits and vegetables consumption for the benefit of its clients.

Retailer seeking tools to facilitate healthier eating habits

In today's fast-paced world, the consumption of ready-made meals is rapidly increasing and affecting the overall health of the Baltic population. As a conscious retailer, for years Rimi Baltic has been raising the topic of healthy nutrition among its clients through various educational activities. However, as with most good things, also healthy habit-building takes time and effort.

According to a survey conducted by Rimi in the Baltic States in January 2022, only 23% of Latvian, 22% of Estonian and 20% of Lithuanian public admit to consuming the World Health Organization's recommended daily amount of 400 grams of fruits and vegetables. This tendency is also backed by Rimi sales data, which shows that on average shoppers buy just 150 grams of fruit and vegetables daily.

Taking into account the complexity and importance of the issue, Rimi Baltic decided to go further in its efforts to facilitate healthy eating habits among its clients. They applied for the Future Hub enterprise-startup matchmaking process, hoping to find startups with solutions that could complement their ongoing educational activities while aligning with their values and goals. And what better way to do it if not teaming up with startups working on gamification solutions to make healthy decision-making easy and fun?

“As a part of Rimi Health strategy, we focus on inspiring our customers to include more fruits and vegetables in their diet. However, after analysing shopping trends and the worrisome data about Baltic population health situation – only 50 % of the Baltic residents perceive their health as good or very good (Eurostat, 2018) – we understood that stronger actions need to be taken to shift the old habits. To attract our customers' attention to healthier product choices more effectively, we’ll work with startups on creative gamified solution ideas. Hopefully the experience that the corporate environment brings and the fast speed of startups will lead us to great results”, says Renata Sagatauske, Rimi Baltic CR Strategy & Development Manager.

Meet the startups matched to the challenge

We are in the first weeks of the program's co-creation process, which also is one of the most important and intensive periods in the program's cycle. During this time, teams agree on project goals and priorities and share huge amounts of insights and data, which later on will be translated into demos. Practically this means regular virtual communication between each enterprise and its partnered startups.

Rimi Baltic was matched with two European startups both offering gamified solutions to tackle the challenge – how to increase customers’ fruits and vegetables consumption while using gamification?

Robin Data Hood are already providing the FMCG industry with knowledge and tools to satisfy the needs of the new hyperconnected & Responsible Shopper. Their solutions are based on shoppers making hundreds of monthly decisions with little knowledge of their impact on their health, well-being, domestic budget and the environment. With the help of their mobile app, they digitalize shopping receipts in real-time and offer shoppers customized products and shopping information. Read more about Robin Data Hood here.

Nudgd is offering digital solutions and advisory within behavioral design and nudging. They are sure that digital nudging solutions can help to lead employees, customers or other groups in the right direction. Their digital solutions enable automated and cost-efficient nudges, measurable results and direct contact with the target group through their phones. Quite simply – Nudgd make it easy to do the right thing! Read more about Nudgd here.


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