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Startups of Future Hub: Meet Arinti

Arinti: Using data to revolutionize the future

Arinti is a Belgium Applied Artificial Intelligence Solution Provider. The team is convinced that AI has started to play an important role in the present and will continue to have it in the future also, so they have made as their core mission to build solutions for a future where machine learning and data science will be the driving factors of businesses in a constantly changing reality. In short, Arinti helps customers stay relevant in today’s fast-changing markets by bringing visionary AI solutions to the table.

For Arinti, data is the tool to work with in order to bring insights to the most complex questions and opportunities the future holds. The team envisions creative solutions to questions that are not even on the table yet. They take the responsibility of preparing enterprises for tomorrow’s challenges and leading them towards a better version of themselves. Arinti team provides four main services:

  • Data Science & Machine Learning

  • Conversational Interfaces

  • Data Engineering

  • AI Training

Having a motto – “User Experience First”, Arinti’s team has the ability to drive business transformation using the power of Artificial Intelligence and data.

Worth your attention:

With regards to achievements, Arinti places itself on the front line, being a trusted long road partner. Here are some sorted key facts which impressed us and will surely impress you all as well:

  • Arinti is a trusted Microsoft Gold Partner.

  • Arinti is a proud member of the global AI Inner Circle Partner Program.

  • Back in 2019, the team won the Hack4Gov 2019 Challenge, a contest by the Federal Government Service Finance.

  • In 2020, Arinti was the winner of a virtual hackathon with focus on providing innovative solutions to the Belgium Police Force: Smart Policing Hackathon.

  • Last year, together with Microsoft, Arinti’s team created a HealthBot that answers questions from concerned citizens about possible COVID-19 contamination.

  • The jury of the Belgium Channel Community declared Arinti the winner of the Channel Awards 2021 for the Best Covid Relief Campaign.

Arinti in Future Hub

In Future Hub, Arinti team is working together with Latvijas Pasts on their challenge of processing the poor-quality data. Latvijas Pasts has introduced a new user-friendly customs declaration process via a personalized web link. Part of this, are the automated text messages that are sent out to customers allowing for clearing around 90% of all received goods within 24h. However, the shipment data quality is imperfect. It comes with missing or incorrect data, poor formatting, extra symbols, etc. Here comes Arinti with its Artificial Intelligence based services that help in creating together a pilot in order to bring the Latvijas Pasts services to a next level by taking away from them the process of manual curation. We advise you to put a note in your calendar for December 16th when the Demo Day happens, as this will be the time to find out about the results of this amazing collaboration.


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